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Changing Lives one llama at a time

Farm Tours

I've seen magic happen when visitors come to the farm.  

Something about the llamas...

Farm Tours last one hour and are at the
llama barn only.

$15 per person - 14 and older
$10 per child under 14

Farm tours are an opportunity to meet llamas up close!  You will learn a little Llama 101 and you can ask questions and take photos.  Llamas might give you a gentle nose kiss and some enjoy petting and brushing.  
Tours are perfect for children too young to walk a llama on the trails, although they may have the opportunity to walk a llama within fenced areas.

Reservations are required.

Private Farm Tours
 $20 per person - 14 through Adult
$15 per child ages 2-13
Email Teri for availability. 

Feel free to take photos during your visit!
Please dress appropriately for farm tours.  High heels and open toed shoes/flip flops are not allowed.  Bug spray is recommended.


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