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 Booking Farm Tours and Llama Walks

If you would like to BOOK a Llama Walk or Farm Tour:


Email Teri ( with "Llama Walk" or "Farm Tour" in the subject line.

Provide best day of week/time for you, and I will let you know what I have available.  

Specify the number of adults/children.

You MUST include your phone number.

Payment in cash before tour/walk, or I can send you a Paypal invoice to pay in advance.

Thank you!

All appointments are dependent on weather.  I will touch base a few days before our walk or tour to confirm.  

Farm Tours - all ages

$15/adult 14+


Limit 10 people/tour

Private Farm Tours:

$20/adult, $15/child.  Limit 10 guests.

Llama Walks-14 yrs+

NOTE:  Weather may require rescheduling.

$25/must be 14+

Maximum 6 people/walk

Private Llama Walks:

$35/adult 14 yrs and older, not for children.

Fees to Capital Roots

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