Wunsapana Farm - Changing Lives One Llama At A Time...

Wunsapana Farm is situated on thirty gentle acres of woodlands, paddocks, pastures, and trails.


Wunsapana Farm is an enchanting llama farm tucked away in Altamont, New York.  Owner, Teri Conroy, breeds, raises, trains, and shows llamas.  Wunsapana Farm's llamas and their progeny have earned championships around the country. 

The farm offers llama walks and farm tours to the public by appointment only.  We love sharing the llamas and educating people about them.  Most people are surprised at their gentleness and curiosity; they are especially wonderful with children! 


In addition to daily chores, and the visiting public, Teri has a llama 4-H club (Wunsapana Llamas 4-H Club) that has blossomed over the last three years.   

Teri also shears her own llamas each spring, spins their fleece into yarn, and knits all kinds of things, from mittens to sweaters.  Llama fiber is amazing!

Llamas will steal your heart!  

"I do not "have" animals as I have collections of art or books.  I have relationships with each animal, some deeper than others.
I try to listen as carefully to each animal as I would to any human friend."
From If Bones Would Rain from the Sky, by Suzanne Clothier

Wunsapana Farm

Teri, John, and Hannah Conroy

4557 Hurst Road, Altamont, NY 12009

email:  maxspot@aol.com

Wunsapana's Cair Paravel