Wunsapana Farm Artisan Lockspun Yarn


The suri llamas gave Teri the inspiration to learn to spin, and her specialty is lockspun yarn.  Creating lockspun yarn is a very slow process, but the result is wonderful.  These exciting and original yarns are best used as trim on knitted garments - such as cuffs and collars.  The yarns sell as quickly as she can spin them - all over the country!  Yarns are posted as available on the Wunsapana Farm Artisan Lockspun Yarn facebook page.  (Note:  The demand is so high, and the process so slow, that I don't post for sale yarns anymore, but you can still visit the page to see some that I've made.)





Wunsapana Farm

Teri, John, and Hannah Conroy

4557 Hurst Road, Altamont, NY 12009

email:  maxspot@aol.com