"...and every time I’ve visited Wunsapana – including last Sunday – I’ve left with a feeling of peace in my heart. There are people on this
planet who are here to make sure that the world spins properly. You are one of those people."  C.M.

"I came to visit the farm for the first time on Sunday, and I have a story I didn’t share. Now I know you not only have passion for the animals
and the farm, you have an incredible talent for understanding humans beings, as well. Looking forward to visiting again."  C.

"My life truly did change after coming to your farm that first time. You and your wonderful beasts helped me get on the path that I needed to
be on. I will always be grateful for you opening up your farm, and your life, to those of us who are fortunate enough to be part of it. Love
you!"  L.R.

"I’m glad that my story includes you and your farm now! You’re one of the best friends anyone could have – that’s why so many people love
you, including me!"  H.D.

"... you have basic goodness. Not every one has that. Our (me and daughter) second time to your farm was yesterday. Her favorite part was
walking through a little path near the barns and house. On one side there are roses and the other side yellow flowers, we walked that path a lot
yesterday just so we could breath deeply and smell the flowers! It was a rough weekend for us and we weren’t going to come up but we did.
Hoping it would help us heal and bond. It did! We were only there once before and you and your daughter recognized us immediately. What a
warm feeling we got. Thank you for your basic kindness, caring attitude towards all and opening your home and heart to us all."  M.M.

"A visit to Wusapansa is always serene."  F.D.

"The peace of Wunsapana is magical for all."  J.S.

"Maybe you have no idea what it means to some folks to come to Wunsapana Farm, but I know it’s a place of peace and love, whoever you
are. You opened your heart to me and my sister after we lost our Mom last August and it was a day I’ll never forget. I felt calm and peaceful
afterwards and my sister can’t wait to come out to the farm when she is in town again because the love she felt there made her not think about
our loss for just a while. That calm and peace is something that happens every time I come to Wunsapana and I have you to thank for opening
your farm and your heart to me and mine. Hugs to you for sharing so much."  E.P.

"Thanks for having us again and again and again…."  R.

"Yesterday was my first visit and I just had no idea what peaceful animals llamas are (especially such well-cared for, obviously loved ones)!
We couldn’t stay long. My fiance wasn’t feeling well. Your llamas made him smile, which he hadn’t been doing much of this weekend. .......
Your farm is truly an inspiration."  A.

"Even as a visitor to your posts, Facebook pages, and website, I always feel the love, peace, and joy. You’re better than re-reading the Jan
Karon Mitford series, and I love each of those books. But you’re the real deal, the real read, and we just love you."  R.S.